4 Steps For Organizing A Summer Dance Camp

If you are passionate about teaching dance you should consider organizing a dance camp this summer. Summer is the perfect time to get people to join these exciting and enriching activities. Youngsters have a lot of time on their hands during the summer and dance camps offer an interesting way to learn new dance steps while sweating it out and losing the calories. But, given that there are lots of activities vying for people’s attention during this time, how can you be sure you get people to join your dance camp?

Steps to Organize a Successful Dance Camp in the Summer:

Spread the Word:

  • Your first task is to make sure people know there is a summer dance camp happening. You could announce this at the end of your dance class and urge your students to spread the message around.
  • Alternatively, you could make a separate section in your site where you provide all information relating to the camp, including registration details and enrollment deadline.
  • Printed flyers with all contact details and advertisements in the local newspapers and on social media may be a great way to inform interested people.
  • You must cater to different kinds of groups in the camp. Some kids may not have dance experience while some others can twist-and-turn easily without any prior training. It would be a mistake to group the non-dancers and dancers into one group.

Recruit Talented Dancers:

  • You can start by asking your own staff members at the dance studio if they are keen to take classes in the camp. This is an easy way to ensure you have experienced dancers teaching the campers.
  • If you find that there are too many applications, you can consider hiring extra staff. But, it is important to check their credentials and interview them beforehand. You need teachers who know their job and who have a good reputation.
  • You must look out for “skilled” teachers, who may not be the best dancers, but have the necessary expertise to make other learn faster. You will also need skilled dancers for conducting the more advanced lessons or to lead courses. Finally, you are going to need strong communicators who have good communication skills to interact with students, teachers, parents and administrators.

Make Liability Waiver

It is imperative to introduce a liability waiver on your website section containing camp-related information. This online waiver should be signed by parents of kids keen to sign up for the dance camp. Since it is online, one does not need to go through elaborate paperwork. It ensures that you are protected from being prosecuted by anyone in case there is an accident in which a student gets hurt. Although it goes without saying that you will take every measure needed to provide a completely safe environment, one cannot rule out the possibility of accidents.

Select a Theme:

When you get many entries, you can choose themes according to the age-groups. You need to decide what type of dance you will teach them, whether jazz, ballet, hip-hop, freestyle, etc. An appealing theme resonates well with kids and gets them excited. You could even consider having customized t-shirts to build a feeling of community within the camp. This also makes students feel welcomed, especially as some of them may not have the appropriate attire.

These are some easy ways to get started with a summer dance camp. Start early and plan it well to have many kids taking part in it.